hpw to replace cat on a saturn sl2

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Apr 28, 2011
missouri usa
So as many of you know my cats been rattling for awhile well yesterday the noise changed it got a lot lower in pitch and I can feel it rattling. I'm taking that as a warning to replace it. My question is how to do it. I'm buying an aftermatket universal cat . O Do I just cut the old one off and clamp new one on. Will I need any adapters? Also te rear o2 sensor is pretty close to the the cat will I need to remove it or can I just chY as close to the cat as possible and slide the new one in? I want to make sure I understand fully so I don't have to waste time doing it. I appreciate it as always thanks guys.
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Installing a universal cat will almost certainly require welding to accomplish. It won't be like clamping on a glasspack.
Doing any exhaust work is best left to a muffler shop. By the time you buy the part, cut the old one off, go back to the parts store for more pipe and clamps then back home to lay on the ground while getting rust and dirt in your eyes you will have wasted more money and time than having a muffler shop weld it in for $20.
You can get a bolt in cat for that car from downpipe to flange for $150 or so if you look around hard enough online. If you get just the cat, it will have the bung for the o2 sensor, and (probably) the flange. So you cut it off rear of the flex pipe and muffler clamp it on.
Did you actually look at the current cat? Many times the heat shield will come loose, and start to rattle.
I got it done 144 with tax. Yea it was the cat the heat shield was loose In one place but it wasn't the cause. I'm not lucky like that its only got one cat thank god.
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