HPL cleaning - just sitting in oil


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Nov 5, 2009
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it could be inferred ranking.

HPL cleans, while the others so far dont.

I understand what you are doing and it is a fun exercise, but some members here get bent out of shape when people do these home "exercises".
I used the following disclaimer on my oil color post today based on drama with the PF posts requiring disclaimers b/c clearly, one could infer that I am saying/implying lighter colored oil at the same OCI is "better".

Disclaimer: obviously this means nothing, is not scientific, no conclusions can be drawn from the color differences, and I'm not telling you which oil is better performing based on color. It's just something I did b/c I was curious and it's fun. End comms.
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Nov 18, 2007
Can't stop thinking about EC? I wonder if it is possible to formulate an "EC2" which has the same esters as the supercar oil and designed to stay in for the entire OCI?

According the HPL Dave the esters in supercar oil are more aggressive I'm cleaning am designed to stay in longer.
Totally unrelated to oil but when I saw you say EC2, my mind immediately said what does an AWS EC2 instance have to do with oil. Shows you where my mind is...


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Oct 7, 2021
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Need to compare it to M1 0W-40.
I have a younger brother who has been devoted to using Mobil 1 in every vehicle for all the years he has been driving. He used to bring a sample of his used oil to show/prove to me how clean it came out after oil changes. To this day I can't say why I never followed his advice. I do plan to use it in one of the cars we have now.