HP increase with 0w-30

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Nov 16, 2002
My car doesnt have much HP to begin with, but I am almost positive I notice a difference with Amsoils 0w-30 over there 5w-30. I could be wrong though and it might be one of those "my car is clean and feels much faster!"
Thats a pretty close VI to call if there was a marked difference but here is one for you.

My Briggs and Stratton lawn tractor had 10/30 Pennzoil and Synergyn additive in it when breaking in this summer.

Late Summer I wanted to see through analysis what was in the Phillips HDII 15/40 oil and the Schaeffer #132 additve added at 2 oz per quart so I put it in and run it. Same ambient 85F as before,absolutely no carb adjustments and the motor would idle much lower because of the drag with the mix which was a 50wt when analysed.

The thicker VI costs HP and the smaller the motor the more pronounced it is.I think the first oil and additive was a bit more slippery as well which could factor in on some oils in the same wt I am guessing,,saying the more slip = less friction, the less viscous,the less drag

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Can you check your gas mileage over the next 5-6 tanks and post the results? I'd like to see those ...thanks!

I have found it normally takes at least 2000 miles of high speed driving to see the best results with the Series 2000 chemistry, so I'm curious if that is the case this time.
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