How's this Acer for light HTPC duties?

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Oct 30, 2002
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I like the fact that it has HDMI output and comes with XP Prof downgrade rights. But I did hear some mixed reviews of Acer quality overall. I would run XBMC (xbox media center) on it - typically to play DivX/XviD compressed movies. As far as CPU performance, if that dual-core celeron turns out to be a stinker, I think I can upgrade to a Core2Duo (LGA 775 socket). Here are the specs of the motherboard: (it's the GeForce 7100) Any thoughts?
I think you'll be fine with that processor unless you throw a bluray player in, and even then it would probably do fine. It's probably good what it has spdif output as well as the HDMI. I'm not so high on Acer either, but they do seem to have improved from when things were really shoddy about five years ago. We bought a half dozen Acer LCD's at work, and they're all still working 18 months later.
After all the problems I had with my recent ACER notebook and talking with their supposed "Customer Support" center I will never deal with them again. I would run from this brand until they get their act together!
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I wouldn't buy that one. For a few more $$ you get a Dell Vostro:
Thanks. I need an HDMI output though. Why they put in a relatively decent (but still integrated) HD card in there and then don't provide an HDMI or even DVI output, I could never understand. Also, case size is a factor. This one's bigger than the Acer.
Found an HP one... Price is the same. Case is almost the same size. The only thing is I would have to buy a dedicated video card with HDMI out... that'll be another $50 or so, but the specs are better overall. Also, the PS is only 230W, which means I may have to upgrade it if I stick in that dedicated video card.
The Acer is fine. Dell quality is very poor, especially the Vostro series. HP quality has also declined rapidly. Acer is still trying to make a name for themselves. Alot of people 5+ years ago might have rated quality best to worst: Dell, HP, Acer - and they'd have been right. Times seem to have changed, however and the list IMO is reversed. I'd rather buy a no - name than a HP or a dell. Specs seem to indicate that it's a capable machine. If in the future you decide you want a better processor I doubt a cheap Core2 will be hard to find. Ram, HDD, and Video all seem fine. ** You might consider a wireless card if you have a network **
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Dell quality is very poor, especially the Vostro series.
I've had a Vostro 200 as my main home PC for about a year now. Seems pretty solid to me. No issues so far.
** You might consider a wireless card if you have a network **
This will be an HTPC, so it needs a reliable and rather fast connection to stream content from NAS, hence I will stay away from wireless. :) A Gbps NIC would have been nice, but a 100Mbps one will do.
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