How you guys compared Redline vs Amsoil?

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Oct 25, 2003
Dallas, TX
I was justing wondering how every1 on this site, would compare Redline vs Amsoil in every day usage? I know Redline makes great racing oils but in everyday usage what is every1's opinion on both oils?

All responses are appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What car conditions etc.?

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I am using both and like both, but I think I am settling on Redline. The base stocks make the difference for me. Redline will never fall out of grade and has just an incredible viscosity retention when hot. Unmatched there.
RL does have better base stock but Amsoil's UOA's have been better over all.

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I think that in anything except all out racing Amsoil is at least as good and I am frankly afraid of the insanely high levels of moly which have never seemed to produce superior results. There are some very knowledgeable folks (like Terry) here who swears by the stuff and I guess their base with lots of ester is suposedly great. But the results (to me) don't seem to be there.
This is old, but I found on Amsoil's PC zone they dealt with this question before.

Q. Many of my performance minded prospects are using Redline oil. The current data sheets on our TRO do not include Redline in the Four-Ball Wear Test comparison. It used to be in the only comparisons. Is there a reason Redline was dropped from the chart? How do the products compare today?

A. Because Redline produces and sells much less volume we have little to gain by “recognizing” them in our literature or our labels. We want to avoid the potential of introducing some of our customers to a competitor whom they never heard of. (See “Marketing Warfare” by Ries & Trout.)

For this reason we made a conscious decision to only include companies in our testing that were significantly larger than us, where the most benefit can be gained by performance comparison. TRO still outperforms Redline 20W-50 in the 4-Ball Wear Test, but we did not believe it was in our best interest to continue to include them on our labels or literature.

We do, however, understand that there are Dealers in special situations who need to affirm the superior performance comparisons to specific small competitors. Below are recent 4-Ball Wear Test results for these situations.
Redline is a great oil. A little too aggressive on copper for my taste, but indeed a great basestock.

Redline is an expensive oil. For MOST people any oil $7 qt or more is just a total waste of money. I include S2K and S3K in this category. I don't use them. TOO expensive.

So, I simply like Amsoil's price point vs. Redline - especially the AME and ACD at preferred/dealer price.
I'm a RedLine user.
It's probably the BEST oil around for the frequent WOT, high perfrormance, high engine load drivers.
For your conditions, though, I would choose something cheaper, that is still a high quality synthetic, but at nearly half the price.
After 5 years and more than 60K miles on RedLine (which kept my engine squeaky clean and wear levels low, I have pictures and an UOA to prove
) I made a decision to switch to GC.
It's now on sale at $3.99 per quart at your local AutoZone.
GC is a terrific oil for the everyday conditions.
That's all you need.

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I like both oils myself. I have used Amsoil's products on several occasions and of those several times, it's never failed to please me. Will I use Amsoil again? sure!

RL on the other hand, I'm coming quite fond of. However, I'm on the same boat as alot of members here. For my conditions, wallet etc... RL doesn't cope with me. Vad, I saw those pics of your engine and man! That seriously almost made me head down to Advance and pick up some or order from But I'll be honest, I need to try RL for myself to see how my engine likes it,,,,AR
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