How Ugly is the new GMC Yukon

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Dec 11, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
Yet another ugly vehicle hits our roads this year. I saw one in this Kakki color, who thought that looked good?
Another thumbs up vote. Me likey. I've always liked GM's pickups/SUV's & about half their passenger cars.

If I didn't have a long commute, I might even consider a used Cadillac Escalade. I really like those.
Huhwhye, are you just a GM basher or do you honestly think it looks ugly based only on looks and not anything else? What are your thoughts on the Tahoe?

Personally, I love the Tahoe. I think the Yukon looks very nice but I'd take the Tahoe for sure.
Just fine by me ,after all they are just cars and trucks ,they gotta carry people and their stuff,the size is fixed within those paramters,they have four wheels and therefore 4 corners,after you been around a long while you will see nothing really new.I think GM is just getting a bandwagon pile on now.disgusting lack of respect of what the company did and does.
this is from a canadian ford retiree
The Chevrolet Equinox has the Chinese made 3.4L V6. It will probably soon be replaced by the 3.5L V6 that they use in the Impala.
I'm the GM basher with the 65 Chevelle in the garage. And I have owned lots of GM products over the years, both good and bad.

Actually I think the Tahoe/Suburban looks good. I thought the older Yukon looked good too. This new one looks less like a truck and more like a van with styling like their ugly smaller SUV.

We just had a thread on the ugly Ridgeline. The Yukon looks equally as bad in my opinion. But if you like it, go ahead and buy one. I don't care. Ugly cars need lovin too.

But seriously... it was Kakki color, are you kidding?

I would definitely suggest waiting. I really liked the Nox when it first came out but was really disappointed in the decision to use the 3.4L. Although, I have driven one and power was fine. What I was also disappointed in is the lackluster interior materials.

I have sat in a Torrent and the materials seem to be better than the Nox. Plus, the Torrent comes with an optional black interior. I love black interiors so it gest my vote. If the rumors are true about the 3.6L going in the Torrent, I think it will be awesome. I would expect to see the new 6-speed auto transmission in there when the engine line-up changes as well.

Check out

Both those sites are GM enthusiast sites. You'll hear about future products and stuff there.

Sorry about hi-jacking this thread!

Sorry, a lot of people these days seem to bash GM and being a GM person myself it gets old. Obviously, they've had their share of problems and crappy vehicles, but they seem to be changing that around as evidence by the new line-up of SUV's.
Sarcasm people. Jeez, I guess I didn't make it clear that I am a GM guy. And I have owned and driven more GM's than most people in my age group. Being a GM guy doesn't make the Yukon look any better. Ugly is Ugly.

Why am I a GM basher for thinking a limited number of GM products, ie the Yukon, look ugly? I didn't say it was a bad car, just ugly.

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mshu7 - Thank you for the websites! I've only taken the time to look at a Torrent and I'm 98% convinced I'll buy it whenever the new transmission and 3.6L comes out. I already love the options it has (moon roof, heated seats, AWD).

As for black interior - Same here
My Sunfire = black interior (seats and everything). I'd never go with anything else.

Can't wait!

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You should have the freedom to say cars look ugly without being classified as a brand hater. I really dislike how the Pontiac Sunfire looks but it was the only car in my price range and I'm a Pontiac Loyalist. So, saying that the Sunfire, Aztec are some really ugly vehicles mean I'm anti Pontiac? No... I'm buying Pontiac for the rest of my life probably...

Besides... as my shirt says: "Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder."
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