How to tell German Castrol From U.S.

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Apr 6, 2003
After reading the posts about the german Castrol i think that i want to give it a try but want to be sure that i get the right stuff if i can find it. So can someone tell me what the container looks like. Is all 0w30 oil made by castrol german made? Sorry for the dumb questions just want to be sure. Jr
The label will be the new style, with the 0w30 part in red, not yellow. But also double check to make sure it does say made in Germany on the back, because some new label stuff is made in USA (a small amount I believe)
JR: There are no dumb questions! On the bottles of German Syntect 0W-30, the background color of the little pannel where it says "0W-30" is red. On the USA/North American versions, the panel is yellow. Good luck. I bought up all they had (8 qts) at my local Auto Zone, and they haven't restocked in over three weeks.
JrGuill, If you get a case, the box the oil comes in will also say "Made In Germany Imported By Castrol North America" on the top box flap.
Here's what the back label of the German Syntec looks like:  -
We've yet to find out if they are different oils? Who knows, you might be wasting your time looking for the liverwurst oil.
Originally posted by G-Man II: Here's what the back label of the German Syntec looks like:  -
Despite Buster's skepticism, what a beautiful sight! [Big Grin]
Despite Buster's skepticism, what a beautiful sight!
Man, you guys are all over this stuff like flies on sh*t. [Big Grin] Well, how could you not be skeptical of anything Castrol says at this point? They still think Syntec is fully synthetic. [LOL!]
Originally posted by Asmodeus: There is a snowflake on the North American version.
Yup, I've seen a few of those. They are on the old-style label.
Thanks G-Man II...I thought I was behind the times... See what went through my mind was the snowflake was on the bottles destined for Canada, but then ours should have had a little logo that said, "Official Oil of the National Football League." [Big Grin] [ September 05, 2003, 09:48 PM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
Would you like a picture of the NA castrol with the Snowflake on it for your records? I'll e-mail it to you if your account can accept a 1 Mb file.
I'll upload it to imagestation. No problem if I link to there? Ok, I'm uploading the images. Decided to have a little photoshoot with my beauties: Mobil1 0W40 Castrol Syntec NA 0W30 Castrol Syntec De 0W30 Castrol Syntec NA 5W50 and to think, a few months ago, had I seen someone take pictures of oil containers, I'd have called him a freak, instead of an oilesseur.
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