How to get unwanted emails stopped

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Oct 8, 2006
My wife put me on this Pintrest emailing list, and now I can't get them stopped. I've selected "unsubscribe" like 3 times now, and still the emails keep coming. How do I get them stopped?
Originally Posted By: Marco620
Get different wife that doesn't Pinterest.
Or move to a different country and change your name/email. Or go to Pinterest headquarters and ask them to stop. Or just change email address. Or stop reading email. But I guess the filter was easier.
Pinterest is a scourge. Every time I run a web search on anything, but especially for a graphic of any sort, I add -pinterest to the search terms so nothing Pinterest shows up. Unfortunately, Pinterest pix sometimes show up anyway and I click on the result only to have to close it because I refuse to sign up with it to open the link. It's yet another tracker. Pinterest has infested the net.
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