how to form buildup around seals?

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Jan 13, 2003
collierville, TN
Well you read it right.. Im wondering how to get my seals nice and gummed up so they dont leak. I hear more and more about people with high mileage cars that ran dino there entire life and didnt leak a drop but once they dropped an engine cleaner or a synthetic in there they got leaks. I currently have a slight rear main leak on my 4.0L. I just put a bottle of auto-rx in there and when i do my oil change in a lil under 500 miles ill be going with a 15w-40 (dino) and another motorcraft filter. I ran 20w-50 last summer and got the pressure that i wanted but got the major leak.. replaced seal and ran 10w-30 and leak went away then came back ever so slighlty and the pressure was really low so im looking for a middle and that would be the 15w-40. Im hoping the pressure can stay high enough at hot idle and also that it wont leak. Im thinking castrol 15w-40 or possibly mobil 1 delvac stuff but isnt the M1 a synthetic? Was thinking about mixing 10w-30 maxlife and 20w-50 maxlife but heard that its actually just stop leak in the oil and i dont want the temp fix. The leak is very small but im wondering if the auto-rx doesnt fix it by cleaning everything if i could go the opposite direction and get it gunked up enough to not leak.
I really don't think relying on grimey gunk to make seals is the way to go.....

I have read that Auto-Rx via esters may slightly swell the seals and stop a leak. But if your seals are leaking because of wear (seal or penetrating shaft) OR are torn, well it's done. Just fix it correctly.

I am a firm believer that:

a) synthetics don't cause leaks
b) synthetics actually are easier on seals and help seal life. (I think the pour point agents and Group I/II oils are not super seal friendly IMHO)

Originally posted by higney85:
Well you read it right.. Im wondering how to get my seals nice and gummed up so they dont leak.

Head on down to your local Piggly Wiggly and find the aisle that's got motor oil on it. You'll probably find Valvoline, Castrol, and Citgo, since these seem to be the most popular "name brand" grocery store oils. But you'll also see some $0.89 "no name" (probably Warren) oil, most of which is non-detergent. Get a bunch of ND 30wt, put that in your engine, and don't change it for at least a year. Your seals, and everything else inside your engine will be nice and "gummy" after that.

Don't give up, definitely try Auto-rx first. From what I understand about it, is that it does not swell the seals, but instead it cleans them and makes them soft again, then after the treatment they harden up and form a better seal once again. If the seal isn't torn, then Auto-rx can help.
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