How to decode date of manufacture ona jug of ELF exilium 5w-40

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Hi all just scored a 5 litre jug of Elf Exilium 5W-40 for $35 CAN Pretty good but on the front its got a sticker "Proud sponsor of 2005 F1 Chempionships" or something, I am affraid it ain't the freshest. How do I decode those inkjet printed numbers? I plan to use it next spring I dont want to put something ageing in there. While at the store I looked at a bottle of Pentosin's ATF F1 and on the back it said "contains Poly Alpha Olefins... keep away from children etc.,etct... shelf life 3 years" [Confused] I believe there is someone here who seems to know a lot about Elf oils. Thanks Dominik P.S. This particular oil is a blend of group 3 and 4 with a touch of group 5 is it not?