How steady are your hands?

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Oct 22, 2003
By Detroit
Do you have the hands of a brain surgeon or do you write with crayons ? I tried this 5 times and couldn't get past level 3. I cheated and used both hands on level 3. I just could not make it to level 4. I don't think it's possible ! Try it . If anybody makes it to 4 let me know. I want you to do my next operation if i need one ! Sound helps. click here
I'm not sure it's possible to get to level 4. I lost at exactly the same place both times and I know for a fact that I shouldn't have hit the walls. I think it's rigged on purpose.
You could cheat. [Razz] On level 3 (or any level) hold down your left mouse button, move the cursor to the red area, then let it go. You can swing through walls and it won't quit. Just don't have the sound on too loud when you do it on level 3, ok?
Nice try [Razz] Note: any time you see a webpage that asks you to look closely at the screen for a perios of time with your sound on, prepare to crap your pants!
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