How seriously do you take your day off?

Happy Wife=Happy Life. I am retired and every day is a day off, but when I retired I knew I would be busy. Sister has dementia and I am her guardian, I have 2 grand daughters that we watch on multiple days of the week. We have 2 homes and I have to keep up with ours and my sisters house + we have three campers of different types and 9 vehicles and thats not counting a 4 wheeler and 2 push mowers and 4 riding mowers. I don't get any days off unless I go camping or vacation.
You just have to politely be firm and express your priorities. Throw a "sorry" in there once in a while and briefly explain how it's not a quick fix.

I've had my wife volunteer me for things she didn't realize the difficulty in. That's probably part of it.
Well, I work a second job on most of my days off. Today, they asked us to stay extra, offered $20 bonus. I worked our regular shift and I accepted. We were told we could go whenever we like.

Gave them until 12 noon, felt like they were setting up to go into the afternoon and keep going.. told them, hey, I have to go.

My help was appreciated.