How often do you check your oil level?

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Mar 17, 2008
I probably check mine maybe once a month. Usually when getting gas or before a long trip. (I bet no one says they check it when the oil light comes on!)
Yeah, I check it about once a month. My engines don't lose/burn oil any more the way my engines of the 60s & 70s did even after a 3400 round trip vacation.
Once a week on the VW and Audi and more if on a road trip. I have 128K on the GTI and it usually consumes 1/2 a quart between oil changes. The Audi doesn't use much to warrant adding any yet.
Every times I pass an even thousand miles at next fill up.’My MDX with 180k uses about 1 qt every 5k miles and our wife new 2018 Tiguan no idea where the dipstick is. (800 miles). My wife’s previous 2005 Subaru with 250k was every two weeks adding 1/2 quart.
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Should be every time you fill or add gas but engines are more oil-tight these days. I do it when I feel it's necessary, but if not then once a month.
When a vehicle is new to me, I check more often such as when filling with fuel. Once I know & trust the vehicle, then I do it accordingly.
Yep, it needs to be relevant to the vehicles age and condition and how well you know it. Work vans? Every fill up when older, a lot when brand new, then seldom when still fresh. Sig car? Regularly before startup. Wife's RAM? Every week or so...
No real time span. If I pop the hood to top off washer fluid or do any other car work. It probably works out to once a month.
Every 1K miles on vehicles that are already broken in. On newly purchased vehicles, every fill up until about 1K miles.
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