How much oil does your vehicle consume between OCI..

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May 6, 2003
How much oil does your vehicle consume between oil changes and what brand is being used?

An example, my 4-Runner just completed a 5000 mile round trip to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas. The current interval has 6200 miles on it and 1.5 quarts of Mobil1 15W50 were added to the 10w30 original fill. So that breaks down to 1 quart every 4000 miles.

My Tacoma uses no oil between intervals, but then again it did not see the high speed, long trip that the Runner experienced.

I add oil once the dipstick reads 1/4 below full (6 mm) or about 200ml of oil. My intention is to always keep the maximum oil in the sump.

I am curious as to other members experience.


Daily Drives:
-2003 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner XtraCab, 2.7 Liter , Mobil1 Synthetic SS 5W-30.
ODO 8800 Miles.
-1995 Toyota 4-Runner 3.0 V6, Mobil1 Synthetic SS 10W-30.
ODO 90500 Miles.

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My Vehicles:

2001 Toyota Sequoia, 74000 miles on vehicle, Mobil 1 5w-30, 5,000 mile OCI, oil level barely moves on dipstick after 5,000 miles so I would guess 2-3 ounces of oil consumption in this time. I bought this vehicle new.

1996 Chevrolet Pickup, 95,000 miles on vehicle, Castrol GTX 10w-30, 3,000 mile OCI, usually is almost but not quite 1qt low at oil change time. I do not top off oil level as I am not concerned unless it gets to add mark on the dipstick. I bought this vehicle new.

2000 Honda Accord V6, 56,000 miles on vehicle, Pennzoil 5w-30, 3,000 mile OCI, no notice in change of oil level at 3,000 miles. I bought this vehicle used and use the same oil and OCI as the previous owner.

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1999 Subaru Outback, 81,000km - About 100ml (milli-litres) in the last 6,000km since an oil change (Castrol Formula R 5w30)

1995 Lexus LS400, 150,000km - absolutely zero, since purchased

1995 Jag XJ6 62,000km - About 100ml in the last 4,000km since an oil change (Castrol TXT Softec 5w30)

1993 Mazda MX-6 V6, 81,000km - Absolutely zero, ever since my valve cover gaskets were changed at 40,000km (Castrol Formula R 5w30).
My 02 Jeep 4.0 doesn't seen to use any in 3000 miles.

My old I.h. pickup uses a qt of 20w/50 every 2000 miles or so. This monster has 4.30 gears and no overdrive. I think a qt in 2k is good considering.
1995 Ford Van 351W; 68,000 miles, Uses no oil between tp changes at 2-3,000 miles. Phenomenial engine It ran Mobil 1 5W-50 for the first 48,000 miles of its life. Then Mobil 1 5 & 10W-30. Now running Amsoil S3k 5W-30, runs excellent with no oil consumption again.

2003 Audi A4 1.8L Turbo. almost 9,000 miles yay! this vehicle is seldom drivin. Most recent oil consumption was .5 quarts with Amsoil s2k 0W-30 @ 5,000 miles of use.

2001 Ford Taurus; 28,000 miles, Uses 1 quart every 3k, Motorcraft 10W-30. Runned 5w-20 before. terrible engine.
Most likely due to the fact that the previous owner thrashed his engine all the time.

Originally posted by tenderloin:
Oldest auto

1997 Ford Aerostar AWD 4.0L 212,000 miles. ZERO oil (as to the naked eye)on 5-7,000 mile changes. I use GC

Geez, i wish i could put so many miles so quick.
1995 Buick LeSabre Limited 3800 V6 95,000 ML.

1 QT of Pennzoil (Old) or Havoline (New) - 5000 ML

Oil gets changed every 6 months.

I use 5w20 in my Ranger and 5w30 in the wife's Cavalier with no oil used between intervals of 3 to 4K. So much for that thin oil burning off.
My wife's 2000 Civic uses no oil between 5000 mile changes, no matter what brand she uses (I used Mobil 1 5w30 TriSynthetic for the longest time, then a few intervals with Royal Purple 5w30, and now GC 0w30)

My 95 Firebird uses about one quart every 5000 miles, but it's due to an intake manifold leak. No matter what oil I use, it consumes the same amount. If I decide to fix that leak ever, then I know it will only consume maybe 1/4 qt every 5k, as I know my rings are in excellent shape.
My 2.8 12 valve Audi engine needed 1/2 quarts between 10k miles oil changes when using Syntec 5W-50. With M1 0W-40 it needed about 3/4 quarts. I can't make a meaningful statement about M1 5W-40, but so far oil consumption is up: 0.5 quarts in under 2000 miles.
99 4.0 Jeep

Zero during last 10k OCI Currently appears to be down 1/2 quart @ about 9k into 12.5 OCI.

02 2.5 Jeep

Less then 1/4 quart at 6 months (which is about 6k miles +/-). Oil is changed at this time.

91 Taurus - consumption seems time weighted so I'll assume that it's a "run time" issue more than a mileage issue. Oil changed whenever daughter is back from college (usually often enough).

92 Caravan - variable depending on how close you are to 3k/3000 miles. Drinks it regularly beyond 3/3 at about 1 quart per 1000 miles. That is, it fatigues oil rather quickly.
1985 Volvo 245 Turbo 247000 miles uses about a little less than 1 qt in 5000 miles, but not a full 2 qts in the 10,000 mile OCI. All oil bearing turbos consume some oil via the the pressurized intake side and I'm sure 247K miles have loosened the rings up a bit.

1996 Volvo 855 Uses so little oil that when I add the tiny splash to keep it at the 100% full mark I worry about what I'm gonna do with the opened bottle of earl next OCI, because I always change oil types (Right now Amsoil 10W-40, 5W-40 Euro next). Here's a weird thing, I'm running LC in this car and it seems like oil consumption is up a tad, but I haven't been keeping track scientifically - you bet I'll watch and report on this.
2001 NISSY Frontier Oil Thrasher - "brewed" M1 10W30; zilch between 3-5k changes. Mostly Turnpike speeds averaging 75 mph.

2003 Nissy PathFinder - "brewed" M1 10W30; zilch between 5-7k changes. Mostly Turnpike speeds averaging 75 mph.

As long as I stay at or above 10W30, no detectable oil consuption. Once I drop to 5W30, 1/2 quart for both, so I stay with 10W30 for now.

I think I'll also try the Amsoil Euro this mid-summer in the PathFinder.

Originally posted by Amkeer:
How much oil does your vehicle consume between oil changes and what brand is being used?

2003 Mazda Tribute V6 30,000 miles

Mobile 1 0w-40 none
German Castrol 0W-30 none

P.S. 5,000 mile changes with mobile 1 oil filter.

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2002 Ranger 4.0 SOHC, virtually nothing in a 5k OCI, 1/2 quart at most. Wife's 1999 2.4 Grand Am (just traded in today), always a 1/2 quart by 4k on a 5k OCI. Mobil 1 5w-30 in both.
Two Civics

1995 Civic 210k miles-Pennzoil 5W30 every 5k no oil consumed

1996 Civic 158k miles-Pennzoil 5W30 every 5k, 1 quart every 2000 miles

I don't think you can establish any real trend, its mostly engine dependant and not oil brand related in my opinion.
1995 Chevy Corsica 100k miles (2.4l 4cyl) seems not to consume oil at all. I know this is not possible but at least I don't have to add any.
Thinking about doing an oil analysis at 3000 miles in order to increase oil changing interval. Do you happen to know any "not so expensive" oil analysis company close to Vancouver, Canada ?

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