How much oil does a Mitsubishi 1.8L take?

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oh, well I always fill the filter full of oil and I'm using an oversized filter as well. ST 2808 I have in stock. I bring the level a millimeter over full.

hey jelly,

what mitsubishi do you have? there are not that many on this board with mitsubishis

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Thanks, gentlemen.
If anybody knows anything about horns that don't work,electric mirrors that don't work, or AC that won't work, I could use some help!
Mark C:

WRT your mirrors, horn and A/C, can we assume that you've checked the subject fuses? If this is a "salt belt" car, you may also need to go in and clean up all your ground connections. Is there a charge of refrigerant in the A/C system? It won't run if the refrigerant is real low or all gone.
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