How much of a difference?

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Mar 5, 2003
How much of a difference does a bypass oil filter make in oil filtering and it motor oil endurance and quality? And can you fit a bypass oil filter, maybe one from Amsoil, into a small car? How hard is it to install? I have occasionally thought about installing a bypass oil filter, but there is little space under the hood of a small car. It would increase the oil capacity and maybe the oil (I am currently using Schaeffer's) would last a long time. Would a bypass oil filter make a big difference in vehicles that are suspected of being sludge monsters-like the Dodge Durrango and some Toyota cars and vans?
Usually it is not hard ,I had a 1988 4 cyl Toy. Camry I installed a bypass "Amsoil" under the battery looked real good [Razz] I ran it 3 years before realizing the long drain was not worth the cost. The oil stayed cleaner,what good is an ok motor in a worn out car? [ June 17, 2003, 04:04 PM: Message edited by: Steve S ]
Until someone who has done it can speak. I considered it when I was an Amsoil dealer but in the vast number of cars its a very cramped and diffficult installation. Oil analysis indeed show lower wear metals. I'm not sure that translates in longer engine life. I doubt if anyone else knows also [Frown] I doubt that it will affect tny sludge issues.
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