how much for Amsoil Synthetic and.....

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Nov 9, 2003
Sydney Au
hey guys. in aus i can get amsoil for $90AUD, which is around $63 USD for 4.75Litres (5 quarts) How much is it in the USA? wi was thinking to do mail order from usa to aus. if its around $25USD postage around $15ish? cheers [Smile]
would any Amsoil reps like to sell it to me and be able to send some over? i'll prob buy around 11 quarts. for 2 cars. [Smile]
I don't know of any that could. First it would cost a fortune to ship, then theres all the paperwork to ship something out of the US and then there the currency exchange rate. Some counties have laws about importing oils as well as not letting it on air planes. Not to mention exporting and importing laws that may be broken. Out of curiosity I was checking cost to ship about 30 lbs but I would need your postal code or UPS would give an estimate. I don't see how this could be worth it? Sorry, this could, cost you more money. I got burned selling some stuff on ebay last year. Someone from Germany bought my use HP calculator, they paid it for by Western Union and from the time the sale was final and until I got the money some 12 hrs later, the exchange rate changed and I lost money. Then came the shipping hassle, UPS and Fedex was a big pain so I went to the US Mail. That turned out to be another hassle, forms to fill out, declarations to be made and you don't date do anything that is not correct as it could come back and bite you big time. [ December 02, 2003, 10:08 AM: Message edited by: Mike ]
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