How much are you spending on your oil changes?

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Apr 10, 2005
Fremont, CA
Scion tC
Havoline 5 quart 5w30 - $7.17 @ Walmart
FL-400S filter - $2.78 @ walmart

Celica GT-S
Mobil 1 synthetic 5w30 - $3.89 per quart (x4)
SuperTech 3614 - $2.12

Camry 4 cyl
4 quarts of TropArctic 10w30 - $1 (x4)
FRAM 4386 - $3.99

Civic EX
5w20 Exxon Mobile - $1.39 (x4)
ProLine Filter - $2.99
Im using BP Visco 7000 0W40 5.8 liters and Mann oil filter.

1 liter Visco 7000 costs 140kr/liter is equal with 19.18 us dollars * 6 = 115.07 us dollar.

Mann filter 69kr = 9.45 us dollar.

Based on exchange rate 7.30 us dollar

Its rather expensive here in Sweden if we compare with the price in Usa.
Honda Civic

5w20 Castrol GTX - 1.29 (x3.7)
Purolator + - 2.50
Sam Adams/Pyramid Hef - 1.50 (x2)

~10 bucks

I use conventional because I can hardly wait 3k miles to change my oil. I think it's a sickness, but at $10 an oil change, it's cheaper than any other other entertainment I can think of. Although I did go search for GC today to no avail...I'm haven't made up my mind if this is good or bad though.
hahaha i know the feeling, i get anxious when my odometer is getting close to that 5000 mark...

something gratifying about knowing i have fresh oil in my car...
Approx. $25 on the VW

Darn near free on the Expedition lately.

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1992 Jeep YJ Wrangler "Fat B@$tard" Trail Jeep
I change it 1-2 times a year depending on how many times I roll over.
Supertech 10W30 5qt jug $4.96
Supertech ST16 or ST43 $2.07
Total w/Ma tax ........$7.38

2004 Malibu Maxx LT "Go Getter"
Changed every 4500 Miles
Supertech Synth Blend 5W30 $1.50/qt (on sale)X 4
Supertech ST3387A $2.07
Total w/Ma tax ........$8.47

1998 Chevy Tracker 4Dr "Extra car that won't die"
Changed every 3-4K miles
Supertech 10W30/5W30 in winter 5qt jug $4.96
Supertech ST3614 $2.07
Total w/Ma tax ........$7.38

1959 Willys CJ5 "Resto Rig"
Changed...ah, never mind
Supertech 10W30 or HD30 5 qt jug $4.96
Old cartridge filter from NAPA $3.58
(free if I use a roll of toilet paper)
Total w/Ma tax ........$8.97

Due to gas prices, I currently have 10 oil changes and filters stocked up

Also picked up some Supertech (imitation)Full Synthetic 10W30 5qt jugs for $11.88(good for 5K mile changes)

Originally posted by ucandoit:
Where are you getting Mobil 1 for 3.89 a quart?


They have 10w30, 5w30 and M1 EP 15w50 for 3.89 (certain stores only, other stores have all those for $5.69!)
$24.95 by the Subaru Dealer, OEM Filter and Exxon SuperFlo bulk oil. The best part is I get paid to work while its done, they have wireless internet service there.
Latest oil change indicates,

Royal Purple 5W-20: $5.29 a quart

Motorcraft Filter FL-2005: $4

Roughly about $30, give a couple of bucks for tax.

Average time on this setup? At least 7500 miles.
05 Uplander- 4.5 qts Mobil 1 with PepBoys b3g3 free deal and ACDelco filter at $2.98= $14.88

96 Blazer- 4.75 qts Valvoline Maxlife synthetic from Autozone clearance $2 each and ACDelco filter $2.98= $12.48
£52.98 (US$96.64) for 5 litres of Castrol SLX 0W-30 for #1 car.

£52.98 (US$96.64) for 5 litres of Castrol SLX Longlife II 0W-30 for #2 car

Genuine Nissan & VW filters respectively, at about £6.00 to £7.00 ($10.95 - $12.75) each (I forget exactly how much)

Did I say Oil is freaking expensive on this side of the pond?
I once added up all the oil changes I did to my 85 Omni, which ran to 165K before I sold it.... $350! That was with Fram filters and Castrol 20W-50 every 3K.
'99 Lesabre - 5 qts Maxlife Synthetic - $10 [AZ clearance]
Maxlife oil filter - Free [got the rebate check]
total: $10

'00 Firebird - 5 qts Havoline Synthetic - $10 [AZ clearance]
AC pf-52 filter - $3 [Oreilly's]
total: $13

The next change on the Lesabre will cost NOTHING - STP oil filter [free after rebate] and 5 qts of Mobil 5000 from the online giveaway. THIS SITE SAVES ME MONEY!
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