How many use a new drain plug washer every time?

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All the drain plug washers on my cars are brass. The oldest in on my 340. the oil plug is off a 1965 engine. When I bought the 340 in pieces, that was one of the missing parts. dan
On my car, the crusher gets deformed when the drain plug is properly tightened - it develops a ridge. Some other Audi owners flip the washer, but I replace this 20 cent item. [Wink]
I forgot to add, some cars have now drain plugs with lifetime washers - no more crush washers (Or "crushers," as I like to call them [Razz] ). Those washers are pressed onto the drain plug, and they can't be removed without use of force.
I replace the gasket whenever it is damaged. I buy about four gaskets at a time so I can replace one whenever I see that it is damaged.
My drain plug washers are copper, and I'm one of those who "flips" the washer at each change. If the area around the drain plug washer stays dry between changes, the washer is still doing its job. If there is a wetness or film of oil, then it's time to change it. I think my 18 year old Volvo 245 with 218K miles is on its fourth or fifth washer after something like 45 or 50 oil changes, so the flipping makes them last for at least 10 changes.
Well, hate to admit this but I forgot to put that crush washer back on one time and since, I've not even used one. Hasn't lost a drop with it gone. I suppose I should consider putting another one on but never think about it till I'm under the car.
Nssan products have the crushable washer. I have spares but usually don't replace it. I had a 1980 Datsun and I probably replaced the crush washer once ot twice in 100K+ miles. Also that is when I used to change oil about evbery 2500 miles.
I'll only replace this item when it's obviously worn. The Hondas use an aluminum washer and I can seem to get 4-5 oil changes out of the washers before they go in the used washer bin. The Nissan uses a crush washer, haven't changed that oil yet, but from what I hear, they can go quite a while, as some have mentioned above. I work on a number of cars that have cross threaded drain plugs, with these cars, I pay extra attention to the plug washer. Nothing's ever seemed to leak...but just something to keep an eye on... Bogatyr
I did away with drain plugs and installed Fumoto drain valves in all my cars. Now going on two years with the valves. A breeze to change the oil and especially easy if you want to take a sample. No more washers, stripped plugs, no leaks etc. Fram makes one also but the Fumoto, about twice the cost, is solid brass and built like a tank. [ July 03, 2003, 08:24 AM: Message edited by: Spector ]
My 02 Silverado has a rubber O ring on the drain plug. I considered a fumoto or Fram but then I would lose the magnetic element on the drain plug, and I want to keep it.
i think I've replaced this item twice, once on two different vehicles, throughout the last 20 years. On Ford Rangers they seem to hold up well.
Depends - if its a Nylon "crushable" washer, I replace every time. Otherwise, if its copper or other metal, I use until it leaks, then replace.
Originally posted by MNgopher: Depends - if its a Nylon "crushable" washer, I replace every time. Otherwise, if its copper or other metal, I use until it leaks, then replace.
I do the same thing with nylon washers. I use 'em until they start to leak. In 25 years of changing my own oil, I've only ever had to replace one nylon washer because it cracked and started leaking.
Mine all have copper washers exc. triumph. Only replace when their is a leak. Toyota with 250,000 miles one new washer. Other cars have original copper washer and no leaks. Triumph has no washer and a unique long plug with pipe treads. Never replaced in 30 years.
I wanted to get a quick drain valve for my Audi, but Fram didn't make a size that fit. When I asked a buddy in Germany to find a quick drain valve, he was told that they'd become illegal for safety reasons. Go figure... [Eek!]
I couldnt understand why my old car would drip oil from the sump plug all the time. Later I found out you're meant to replace the copper washer every time u pull it out. Never had a problem since, and I always replace it whenever I know the plug is going to stay on for a while. [ July 03, 2003, 11:59 AM: Message edited by: Leo ]
BMW supplies a new metal washer within each new oil filter cartridge. A new filter gasket (huge rubber o-ring) is also included in there for $20 Can.
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