How many oil drain containers do you use?

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Sep 30, 2013
How many oil drain containers do you use during an oil change and for what vehicle? My truck has a remote oil filter just behind the front bumper. I like the oil draining as I remove the filter so I use 2. As for my Jeep and her Volvo, I can position my larger container to catch both once most of the sump is drained.
I use one metal oil drain pan and then a 5 gallon bucket with a lid to store the dirty oil in. After I drain the oil pan I usually have to slide the oil drain pan over a ways to catch the oil filter draining, and then what's left dripping from the oil pan drips on the floor unless I put a frozen dinner tray there.
When I do an oil drain, I place one of these: ..on to one of these: .. and slide the whole thing under the car, repositioning as it drains to keep as much of it in the drain pan, and keeping all possible drips within the area of the metal tray. When I'm done with my drain & fill, I transfer the drained fluids to one of these: .. to take into my local auto parts store to pour into their huge recycling drum. Most days, not a single drop makes it to the driveway.
Above post is for rich kids.... just use a empty container, and a black traditional "oil drain pan" I've used walmart 5 quart empty oil jugs, antifreeze jugs, 5 gallon buckets, a old kerosene can...
I use a bucket, drain out the oil pan, replace the drain plug then position bucket under the filter and replace it... Fill it with oil,then transfer the old oil into the jug the new oil just came out of, and off to wally world it goes from where the new oil came from... smile
I use an old enamel washtub. They were often used for bathing small babies, making bread and such-like. It's so old it might be getting valuable. Kind of pointy at the ends, works great for pouring. But it doesn't quite hold all of the oil from my BMW so I have a supplementary jug made out of an orange juice container (with a widened top opening) that I use to catch some oil and cut down on the volume a bit. At least no-one can say I don't use top of the line equipment.
I use one of these from Walmart. It’s the catch can, storage can, and transport can to dump it all in one.
Well Vern In Illinois I think Sir Tanon does a real nice job with his changes and recycling Good job Sir Tanon as I also use that recycle jug He does not have to be a rich kid to be kind to his driveway and recycle, just considerate. And you did not show him much love with your remark. Again, good job Sir Tanon.
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I use one of these from Walmart. It’s the catch can, storage can, and transport can to dump it all in one.
I see it's got a provision for a vent - that's gotta be an EPA violation right there. grin2
I have a smaller one for Subaru and larger one for pickup. I move it to catch oil from unscrewing the filter if needed. I use empty cat litter jugs so I can drop the oil off and no need to get container back. My cat goes through enough litter, always a supply of the empty cat litter jugs.
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2, big one for drain oil and small one for oil filter.
Same here.... there is a LOT of distance between the filter and the plug.
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