How many miles should I put on before switching

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Jun 4, 2003
I have a 2003 Ford supercrew that will be getting its first oil change on Saturday. I intend to switch to synthetic oil at some point, but am wondering how many miles I should put on it before I switch. I planned to have the dealer use regular oil for the first oil change (1300 miles on it now) and then to switch at 5000 miles. Any opinions??
Sounds like a plan, although you can switch to synthetic whenever you've a mind to. Or not. Personally, I like your 5000 mile changover idea, particularly if you'll be putting lots of miles on the rig and changing the synthetic oil every, say, 10,000 miles.
It really doesn't matter when you change over to syn lube the rings allmost instantly seat once under a load . I like a couple of 1,000 mile oil and filter changes to flush out the machining dirt. I can't improve on youe plan [ June 05, 2003, 05:34 PM: Message edited by: Steve S ]
Thanks for the help. I didn't want to switch before the engine was broken in.
Synthetic really has no effect on the engine breaking in. I would just switch at the next change. I switch at the first oil change. I have changed as soon as 30 miles with no problems.
For comparison, I'm driving a 2003 Scab. Changed the oil at 500 and 1000, using the Motorcraft 5w-20 each time. Went to synthetic 5w-30 at 1900 miles. No problems, no complaints.
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