How long to get a sample report?

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My 1st sample took close to a month to get to the lab!!! I thought it was lost in the mail. I now send my samples in a priorty envolope and it gets there in 2 days! It will cost about $1.50 more but you know it gets there and fast! Well worth it!
My first sample sent to Blackstone was sent late Monday, the week before Christmas, first class mail, in the tube that they used to send me the sample kits.

That following Friday night, I had two results waiting in my e-mailbox.
My first sample took only a few days. My last one I truly thought was lost due to the elapsed time (over 3 weeks). The funny thing was that I typed out my own info sheet since the one they provide was too small for my left handed script. This had my payment info on it as well. Whomever got the sample obviously identified my and my credit card ..but somehow managed to miss every intricate detail that mirror imaged the small info sheet that they include with the kit.

Go figure
This isn't a "bash Blackstone" post I'm making, but I'm so glad my oil analysis lab is so close to me. I dropped off my GC sample directly at the lab yesterday morning at 8:30am, and just checked the status of my sample online and it shows that all of the tests on the oil are done except for TBN and the fuel dilution, so I should have my results this afternoon! (unless the snowstorm we're supposed to get causes a problem)
I've found that once Blackstone get's my sample, the turnaround time is often a day, maybe two, but certainly not long at all.

The bigger challenge is to have the sample get to them. Now I just use priority mail with delivery confirmation as once it took the post office four weeks to send a package from upstate NY to Blackstone. With delivery confirmation, at least you have a tracking number to complain about.

Oh yeah, don't get me wrong ...Blackstone is just fine with me. The delay is probably due to our ever decreasing level of mail service (and increased expense) as some have mentioned. My personal issue on my last sample was because I threw something "new" into the mix. You do 500 things "normally" and that 501st different event is going to upset the natural order of your day.
I've always been happy with Blackstone's service. I've sent them 4-5 oil samples in the past 2 years and I think the longest it took to get a hardcopy sent to me was 2 weeks.

--- Bror Jace
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