How long should I run my oil this time around

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Nov 14, 2003
I posted an analysis of amsoil 5w30 that was run in my Toyota V6 tacoma that had an abnormal copper level (76 if I recall) everything else looked good at the 6K sample I took. I was going to run the same grade amsoil another 6-8K but was wondering what you guys think? Thanks Howard PS the truck had 9K on it when I switched it to amsoil and the analysis was run off of my 15K (total vehicle miles) sample.
Their is no reason not to try 6000-8000 mile run. The oem recomends 7500 miles for regular usage. You can either run the same 5W39 or you can try another weight or series. With only 15,000 total miles and your first run with synthetics I would not worry about the copper too much, If it shows up again I would start trying different weights or S3000 5W30 or regular 10W30 etc.... Remember that the only things in this engine that can really through off copper are the oil pump and the lower bearings!
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