how long does it usually take...

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Nov 30, 2005
west bend, wi
Hello all. How long does it typically take to get results back from a UOA? I sent my first sample ever to OA a little over a week ago and I'm anxiously waiting for the results. The anticipation is killing me.
Back in early November I sent 2 samples to Blackstone on the same day (Sunday). One arrived the following Thursday like normal. The other arrived nearly 2 weeks later. Blackstone is great about getting the samples done within a day of receiving it. The USPS can be a bit...pokey.
I've sent three samples into Butler CAT for analysis. The first took over a month to reach them, the second took less than a week, and I'm coming up on a month for my third (yet-to-be-received). Butler said that the USPS will sometimes "impound" suspicious packages for a while, especially if your post office isn't familiar with the mailing container. Pretty darn frustrating!
For about $5 more than USPS standard, you can use FedEx second day. About a third of the time, they'll deliver it on the next day, despite it being set for two days. FE seems to deliver at Blackstone in the morning pretty consistently. If so, you'll have the emailed results later that day. Maybe not necessary, but if you suspect a problem, or just want the results faster, this is a very reasonable alternative.
Fluid Life in Edmonton Alberta usually takes 24 hours unless they are extremely busy.. If I ship my UOA out on lets say Monday on a overnight mail delivery, I will have the results back Wednesday afternoon by email, and they mail out a hard copy the same day. That's a complete analysis (no TBN) for $17.00 CDN.
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