How long do you let your oil drain during a change?

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Nov 9, 2005
I was just wondering what the general thoughts are about draining your oil, ie how long you let it drain?

I usually wait a few minutes until it becomes a very slow, light trickle, then I plug it back up and get on with it. I generally spend the draining time cleaning tools and installing the oil filter.
I wait until it slows to a drop every second or two, then I put the plug back in.

I don't worry about trying to get every little bit of old oil out.
I let it drain about 30 minutes, while I go back inside, drink a beer(s) and use the batteries in the TV remote.
I do other business on the car or in the garage (or have dinner), then go back and complete the job.

I try to let it drain at least 15 minutes. Like wavinwayne, I don't obsess over trying to get every last bit out.
My neighbor lets his drain over night. I would always be worried that someone would jump in the car to go shopping, (wife or daughter) and car would be toast. I let mine drain about 15 minutes.
Overnight here. Depending on the engine and the orientation of the vehicle (level ground, etc.), you can sometimes get quite a bit more oil out of it.

Best to fill the oil filter with fresh oil before re-installing, too....
Until I get everything cleaned up and the funnel placed for pouring the used oil. I want it done and outta there. Overnight? Hah, if I wanted to WAIT for it I'd take it somewhere to get it done.
I wait until it's a slow drip then I put the plug back in. I also wait until I put the new oil filter on because sometimes the new filter going on causes a slosh of old oil to come out of the drain hole.
I wait as long as it takes me to take the filter off and install the new one. I would think this is about 5-10 mins tops.
30 minutes or so. Long enough to replace the filter, check other fluids and just plain feel good about the job itself.
as soon as it start dripping instead of pouring, I tighten the bolt and pour the new oil in.

Lots of stuff left? Sure, but then again, if I spend twice as much time changing oil, might as well changing it twice as often right?

On $3 filters and $0.49/qt oil, time is the majority of the cost.
15 mins or so. I get under the car, pull the plug then (on level ground) when it slows to drips, I jack the car up a good ways and the oil comes out in a thin stream again, when that slows to a drip, I lower the car back down and finish 'er up.

Don't worry, I'm not under the car when only the jack is supporting it.
Till I get just a few drips falling...noticed that when I take the filter off(and get a bath on my arm)that the draining picks up again to a steady trickle for a few minutes...must be releasing some sort of vacum

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