How is Castrol Syntec 5w40?

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Oct 28, 2008
My sister has a 2011 Jetta and needs an oil change. I would like to change the oil soon before it gets too cold. Originally I planned on using Mobil 0w40 but there are no current oil specials on Mobil 1 at any auto parts shops. Now there are a few good deals on Castrol though. The 5w40 is this cars factory fill oil but I don't see too much love for it on the site. The car will probably go a good 6-8k on the oil and her driving conditions would be considered severe with lots of short trips. Should I pay the extra $ and do the Mobil 1, or will the Castrol do just fine?
I like the Castrol 5W-40. I'd have no problems using it in your Jetta.
While the Syntec meets the car's requirements, M1 0W-40 appears to be the superior oil. Unless the Syntec were really dirt cheap, which it isn't, I'd be inclined to pony up the difference and buy the M1, based upon everything I've seen in the UOA forum with this oil, as well as the many advanced approvals it supports.
She can, and still will most likely. But she wanted to change it now before the winter at the 5k mark. She will most likely have them change it when she hits a year and/or 10k miles.
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