How good is Pennzoil Synthetic?

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Mar 5, 2003
There is general agreement at this web site that Pennzoil is one of the best conventional motor oils available, based on VOAs and UOAs. So how good is the Pennzoil Synthetic? I don't think I have ever seen anybody test this oil. Is it PAO, or Group III?
I can say for certain that 2 years ago it was a group III. The technical department told me it High Temperature Performance (whatever that is) was superior to a PAO [Roll Eyes]
Mystic, The 5W40 European Formula (if you can find it) is A3 rated, MB229.3 other words, it should be a very, very good oil. I believe it is a Group III/Group IV or V combo.
One of the reasons that I am asking these questions is because it seems like there is very little information about some motor oils, such as Pennzoil Synthetic and Quaker State Synthetic. Maybe somebody somewhere has some information on these motor oils. In another post somebody said that Quaker State synthetic motor oil was probably a PAO. So if that is true, we have an oil here that can compare to Mobil 1 but very little is known about this oil. What if this oil is superior to Mobil 1? Nobody knows! People have complained that the Mobil 1 is a little on the thin side. What if the Quaker State is thicker and solves that problem? Could the Quaker State potentially be superior to the Mobil 1, and noboby even knows?
Mystic, You might be interested to know that Quaker State European Formula Ultra 5W-30 is Mercedes 229.5 elite group of oils.
My local Volkswagen dealership uses the Pennzoil 5W-40 for both the diesel and gasoline engine applications. It meets every specification called for by Volkswagen for the 2003 and earlier U.S. cars. The only drawback is that they charge $6.50 per quart for it.
Actually, if that is a European certified motor oil, $6.50 a quart may be cheap. And if that Pennzoil 5W-40 meets all American and European requirments, it could probably be used in American cars and trucks. It might be a little bit thicker then Mobil 1. Does it meet Corvette requirments? Because if it does, and it is a little thicker then Mobil 1, then this might be exactly the oil that Corvette owners are looking for.
In another post somebody said that Quaker State synthetic motor oil was probably a PAO
I now this isn't scientific, but the QS synthetic blends seem to have a hint of the "alcoholy" (that's how it smells to me) smell that M1 has. Is this the smell of PAO???? HHHHHHMMMMMMMMM........
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