How far back do you go using syn?

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Jun 4, 2005
Southern Ontario
Back in 1992 we purchased a new 5 speed Eagle Summit Wagon (Mistubishi engine). I recall reading about the advantages of using synthetic. As I recall it was impossible/verry difficult to get a synthetic engine oil in Canada. I had a friend who regularly crossed the border at Windsor and I had him bring back M1. I used it for awhile but stopped because of the difficulty in supply. Although we had this car for 13 years it devoured oil its whole life.
I started with M1 in about '93 or so on an '87 Chevy Nova I bought used. I've been using it ever since, save for some GC I used for a while on my current vehicle.
I started with M1 around 1985. Other than a brief foray into Syntec in the late 90s (ended abruptly when I learned the truth about its G-III origin) and my current use of GC, I've been on M1 since. When I run down my vast stock of GC, I will review where the UOAs have gone, and select the best long-OCI capable syn available. Of course, if we keep going with present trends, by then, the distinction between syn and dino may be all but meaningless.
Used syn a few times in the early 90's, decided it cost too much changing every 3k. Started again in 2002 with my Trailblazer and was going to let the OLM tell me when toi change. Sold it before it went off (8900 miles on M1). Now have GC and M1 for my car, use whatever is on sale or free for my wife's.
Maybe 1995. I was cautious because the early synthetics were supposedly aggressive with older material engine seals.
Used it once in a MGA in the 70's. The dipstick had all sorts of gue on it when I pulled it to check the oil. [Eek!] Got scared and went back to quaker state after about 7000 miles. It was suppose to be 25,000 mile oil at that time. It really cleaned that engine out for sure. [Smile]
Started in 2003 when I acquired my first-ever car. I'm lazy, quite frankly hate getting my hands dirty or oil changes, hence I approached the problem in a far better way than the '3k/3month fits all' sort of manner.
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