How Early is too early for UOA

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
Changed out oil and filter on new BMW X5 4.4 at 3K miles with Redline 5W30. I plan to do one in November at which point, the car should be at the 6K mile mark. Is there still break in stuff that will skew a UOA and I should wait to do the first one after the winter. On this oil change, I plan to use either GC or Amsoil.
Nice car, chefwong! I changed out the factory fill oil in a new Hyundai 2.7 V-6 at 600 miles, and then again at 3,000 miles. I submitted a sample of the oil drained at 3,000 miles for analysis. There were still suspected factory leftovers in that second fill - sodium and silicon were a little high. I'm coming up on the 9,000 oil change (every 3,000 miles routinely) and plan another UOA. at that time (Chevron Supreme 10W-30 dino) Do a search for my SuperTech 5W-30 dino UOA at 3,000 miles if you're interested.
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