How does this look for an 2004 Acura TL with 43K?

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Aug 30, 2004

This picture was taking from the oil filler cap of a 2004 Acura TL. Engine is a 3.2L V6 putting 270HP to the Front Wheels, with a 5-spd Auto. Mileage on the vehicle is approximately 43,000, and the vehicle has been owned for about 2 yrs, since new, in Fresno.

The oil is changed per the Maintenance Minder system (Oil Life Monitor), which equates to an oil/filter change every 6500-7000 miles. The oil level is NEVER checked. All oil changes have been done at the dealer with name brand 5W20 bulk and the Honda "FRAM" filter. I'll try to find out the exact brand used by the dealer.

I'll try to have the owner take more pics from a different angle tomorrow.



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Looks super clean.

In my Odyssey, I noticed that brownish oil and thought for a second 'oooh'.... but I bet if you
snap a picture after running in 4.5 qts of new oil, you won't see anything brownish through the filler cap.
Actually oil was just changed last week.

He'll get more pics for me tomorrow...but it looks pretty clean so far from what I can see.
Hot oil and PCV's work wonders.

BTW,Honda wish that engine put out 270hp.
The engine is perfectly running and will never have any problems

It looks like a picture of the valvetrain that is only visible through the oil fill hole. That 1% of the engine looks good, but what about the other 99% you can't see? Do you guys honestly believe that you can tell the difference between a clean and not so clean engine from that one picture? The only thing you can tell is if that ONE SPOT is clean or sludged up.
I'm sure he was asking about the part in the picture, Not the other 99% we couldnt see.
"BTW,Honda wish that engine put out 270hp"--You've obviously never driven one!!!

My sister has one, and it is definitely a bat out of ****!!!
I'd find it hard to believe the heads would be that pristine and the rest of the motor would look like the interior of Jed Clampett's 70 year-old Model T.
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