How does Chevron synthetic compare to conventional?

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Mar 5, 2003
How does Chevron synthetic compare to the conventional Chevron motor oil? I know that the Chevron Synthetic may well be Group III instead of PAO or esters but it is cheaper than Mobil 1 and is it a good motor oil? Can you mix a quart of Chevron synthetic with conventional Chevron Supreme and create a somewhat better oil? Are the additives and the base stocks compatible?
We know from VOAs and UOAs displayed at this web site that Chevron Supreme is a very good conventional motor oil. Would a quart of Chevron synthetic replacing one quart of the conventional greatly improve the motor oil? Is the synthetic Chevron compatible with the conventional?
According to Chevron's material safety data sheets, the base oil in their "synthetic" is a combination of an ester and either PAO <b>or</b> Group-III base stocks. Both are miscible with conventional dino's and Chevron Supreme conventional dinos use Group-II (perhaps in cobination with Group-II+?) base stocks. While the additive packages would differ, I doubt that running a quart of Chevron's own synthetic with a short fill of Chevron's "ISOSYN" conventional would do any harm at all. And, you'd be getting and maintaining a layer of ester on all oil-exposed metal parts as further wear protection in the process.
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