How do you tell if Oil has a good Base OIl

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Feb 9, 2004
Hi all, this might seem like a dumb question, but when looking at the Tech Data Sheets, what there can tell you if its a clean cut good or bad base oil.

This comes sort of in reference to another post I have, where it was said that allot of companies are putting together fairly cheap standard type oils and adding a 5 - 10% Syn base oil and labelling them as Blends or Semi's that are performance oils.

How can you tell?
You could try looking at the Material Safety Data Sheets. Some companies (such as Valvoline) put percentage ranges of different components of their oil along with a CAS number. Search CAS numbers on this site and you may find out what some of them are.

The second part of selecting is good base oil (IMHO) is to get a thicker base. Presumably the "w" number in a multigrade is fairly representative of the base oil viscosity grade. So that is why I am going to run a 15w40 this summer.
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