how do you read the numbers on the bottle?

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Jan 12, 2005
How do you guys tell if its green Syntec or gold Syntec by looking at the bottle numbers? I got a quart today from the local Autozone with the red label made in Germany and its 0w-30. The number reads M033246B251051-3, what do they mean? I don't want to open it yet cause I won't need it for a while so I don't want it to get contaminated in any way. Thanks.
I have another question and I don't want to needlessly start another thread so here it goes. Has anyone here or does anyone here mix their Syntec 0w-30 with other oils? Like Syntec + Mobil 1 or Syntec + dino? I have an 04 Civic and I have the urge to use this oil but after reading a few posts aboutt using this oil in 4 cylinder Hondas making them "sluggish" I don't want to use it straight. Oh, yeah I already bought the oil so might as well give it a try.
asiancivicmaniac wrote: Me....started at a 47/53 mix of GC and Mobil 1 0w20 since 26Feb'05. Done 2 oil filter changes at 3 months intervals with ~10-13ozs topoffs per change with M1 0w20.
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