how do i help this guy?

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Jul 2, 2003
Unless you are determined to generate heat but little light, let it be. w2 is correct, Proverbs gives great advice and that is leave this obstinately opinionated guy to his own opinions.
Thanks, guys. I'll do as you said. The most annoying thing is though, every time he sees me, he would repeat those things as if he is saying them for the 1st time [Mad] But I'll just stay calm(or try to). In Deutschland, such a person would be called "ein Alleswisser" [Smile]
If you choose to take the Fram topic on ...I often use this technique. other guy: Fram makes the best oil filter me: I used to believe that too. Apparently a whole lot of changes have taken place since Fram was #1. They're now the cheapest made filter in the world. Gosh, it shocked the heck out of me... I was convinced that this jacka$$ (the clown on the internet) was so FOS that I went and cut one open to see if it was true. Darn if he wasn't right..... It's like when a friend and I went to this duck pond to feed them. He would slowly start throwing the bread in a different direction and eventually I'd have a horde of hungry ducks stampeding my way.
You shouldn't have to lie to him Gary, Fram has never made good oil filters. Sometimes if you explain to someone why something is better or not they are a lot more perceptive. Some people never listen though. -T
Actually their AIR filters compare fairly well with others. The one I took out of my truck looked much better than the Purolator Iwas putting in.
The only thing worse than a know-it-all is someone who thinks he knows it all ... but actually has his head up his @$$. [Roll Eyes] Your neighbor sounds like just such a dude. I had a boss who was like this ... although he wasn't completely wrong all the time. The guy was bright ... but stubborn. He usually knew what he was talking about but as he got older, and moved up the organizational ladder, he was still trying to micro-manage little things around the office. And that simply wasn't working. Towards the end of my tenure there he was wrong often than not and I rapidly lost all respect for him. One thing he could NEVER get right (and I feel a rant/vent session coming on) was boiling water. Yes, I said boiling water. [Roll Eyes] I guess I should preface this by saying that I'm usually a tea drinker during the week and that I like to make tea with clean, hot water ... not water from a dirty machine and/or pots which makes the water look uncomfortably close to urine ... complete with crunchy bits. What we did was to take the coffee machine (commercial machine with 3 hot plates) and we'd run water through the system with no grounds and voila ... a pot of hot water for tea, cocoa, etc ... The one critical thing you had to do was CLEAN THE FR!CKIN' BASKET before pouring the water through. Sounds simple, eh? Too bad most people couldn't figure it out. [Roll Eyes] And the boss was the worst. Not only would he NOT clean the basket and screw it all up, he would take a clean filter, and put it in the basket ... right on top of the coffee residue, stray leftover grounds, etc ... The guy would lecture me on the importance of using (wasting) a coffee filter or else hot water would go "everywhere." [Eek!] Of course the empty filter did nothing and they were an odd, commercial size and we couldn't find extras to cover his wasting of them. I know it was a small thing, but it just irked me so. It's one thing to be a stupid dork ... but to be so insistent that others agree with your stupidity and follow your Mr. Magoo-ish example was positively maddening. [Bang Head] BUT he was the boss, so I would just nod my head, wait for him to leave then do it the correct way. Screw him. [Roll Eyes] So, 97 T-Bird, I'd let the fool wallow in his own ignorance. [Razz] But if you can't "let it go," I'd simply try to engage your buddy on a technical level you know he won't be able to converse on. Ask him questions about the topic you know he won't be able to answer (research them ahead of time so you know the answers) Make him feel ignorant and foolish. [Wink] --- Bror Jace [ February 20, 2005, 12:18 AM: Message edited by: Bror Jace ]
Here are some of the facts that my "know-all" neighbor argues with me, and some of his believes: 1) Fram air filters are the best 2) the worst ever oil is Havoline 3) My 97 T-bird has a 4.6L "D"ohc engine (even after I showed him the sohc in the manual and "OHC" stamped on the throttle body of the engine!) 4) my wife must hate milk, 'cause she has a good skin-color(she LOVES milk!) 5) Dodge Neons (even the older ones) are very dependable 6) Don't trust Motorcraft products; they're bad
Anyone who cannot tell the difference between a SOHC engine and a DOHC engine on sight alone shouldn't be talking about the differences between the two. It should be readily apparent to anyone who has even the slightest clue about the differences between the two engines.
Astrovic, I'd suggest that you take a quick look at a Nissan ZD30 tutbodiesel before making that remark again.
Originally posted by Shannow: Astrovic, I'd suggest that you take a quick look at a Nissan ZD30 tutbodiesel before making that remark again.
Okay, well, I should clarify my statement. I am talking about Ford modular V8s, as was described in the original post. The guy was suggesting that the Thunderbird has a DOHC V8 in it, and in all Ford modular V8's the difference is clear as a bell. I didn't mean to imply that this was the case for ALL makes and models. I was specifically referring to Ford modular V8's only.
AstroVic, I've got a ZD30 Nissan, and still can't work out (from the outside) how they got DOHC, and 4 valves, plus direct injection into it. No need to clarify. I was doing realy well at the car yards 'till I met this one.
Originally posted by Bror Jace: ... not water from a dirty machine and/or pots which makes the water look uncomfortably close to urine ... complete with crunchy bits.
Dude, if you have crunchy bits in your urine then you'd better see a doctor. [Big Grin] and don't tell us how you know they're crunchy...
"Ever notice that those most willing to share their views on religion with you are usually the ones least willing to let you share your views!" I forget who authored that phrase, but I think it applies to this situation. I'm lucky that at work my colleagues are smart enough to avoid talking about religion or politics because of the way it can cause problems and hard feelings. Once I find myself trying to argue with such people as 97tbird has, I simply stop. There's no need to 'prove a point' and continue arguing unless it's something that affects you directly. I remember when I was arguing with a gal who was pointing to the setting sun and saying that was east. After a while I said to myself, "just let it go......." [ February 20, 2005, 11:20 AM: Message edited by: Kestas ]
Thanks guys: i just have to mention this one: his newest suggestion: I should change my advisor in pre-pharmacy(who's just great and competent imo,)becuse she's black!!! [Eek!] [Eek!]
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