How do I burp the cooling system on '15 GM V6


Nov 21, 2004
Metro Detroit
2015 Cadillac SRX (3.6 V6) Time for the first Dex-Cool drain 'n fill. I looked for a burp valve/tube but did not see one. Any tips to purge the air after I pour in fresh coolant? This vehicle has a pressurized overflow as seen behind the battery. [Linked Image]
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With my truck, I just park on a slight incline (ramps would work) with the front end facing upward. Fill it up as much as it'd go, turn the engine on and let it run. Watch the gauge and rev the engine a few times as it warms up. *The truck isn't a pressurized cooling system, but it's the only engine I've had issues with air wise.
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Supposedly there is a coolant air bleed pipe. Not sure if that is for purging the coolant system or not.
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The Lisle coolant funnel is awesome smile
+1 The pros might use an air system but for the shade tree mechanic, the LIsle works great.
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Jack up the coolant tank side as high as you can go and run the car with the cap off. Keep topping off till it stays at the max/full level.
Look up some Youtube videos on how to use the Lisle coolant funnel. It is a very well thought out tool. Amazon sells them. Whenever my new to me 2016 Honda CR-V requires the coolant to be changed, which will be a long time from now, I plan on buying one of them and using it like shown on the Youtube videos.