How am I doing?

Morrice, MI
I've got an 02 sonoma that is pushing 90k miles. I've taken pretty good care of it, then I joined BITOG at 75k and have officially contracted "acute idiopathic bobistheoilguyitis". For the first 75k miles Ive use Quaker State 5w30, ac delco oil filter and a plain old fram air filter. After 75k and joining this site i have: Flushed the tranny/filter and use Valvoline maxlife. Use Valvoline maxlife 5w30 oil w/ Purolator pureone filter. Replaced the spark plugs with Ac delco plat. Changes fuel filter. Use fram tough guard air filter Replaced rear differential w/ Durablend 80w90 Replaced PSF with synpower Use maxlife fuel system cleaner and this summer will redo the tranny and flush the coolant with havoline dex cool. So, is there anything els I should do to keep this beast going for a zillion miles?