How about using a Pro Guard 7 to a short-ram/WAI?

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Aug 6, 2010
Hey, guys. Since I'm now more learned regarding air filtration/flow not being an issue in non-modded vehicles(restriction not being present with a stock air filter), I was considering doing something other than replacing my K&N drop-in filter(which has had slightly elevated Si ppm in my UOA to date, app in the sig). My idea is to buy a Pro Guard 7, an aFe, which is an oiled filter(ironically) and install it on a pipe of proper diameter(the filters inlet diameter matching some aftermarket tube to the VX's TB/IM). I find most of those filters are from $50-$75 or so, depending. One isn't available for my app, but I need to remove the stock intake system(resonator deletion). I have some small micro-cracking in the rubber hose(see pic below) at the 'flex' section from the air filter box. So, I would remove everything upstream and replace that pipe with one of similar length + a Pro Guard 7 as mentioned. ^Stole from another civic forum site. Similar app/layout to my car. OR would an AEM filter which comes with a lot of these kits(not interested in CAI necessarily) filter better than a cone K&N which seems to come on other kits? Thanks guys.
The one on my civic when I bought it had spider cracks starting on it and the filter was due to be replaced, so I bought a generic intake off of ebay, then put a purolator round filter on it that I found had a 3inch inlet, worth every penny wink
Brenden, has your generic intake off of ebay had any sealing issues or problems since? Any recommendations there? I have ebay, so might go that route and get a Pro Guard or AEM Dry Flow filter with a generic. K&N offers an intake kit for the DX (do ones for the DX cross over to the VX or not?, as well as Injen and a few AEM kits. Here is one I'm considering: K&N's offering: Injen's offering: Opinions on those, or still buy a generic and pay for the filter instead of a complete kit?
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