How about 5W-30, 5W-20 's MO numbers?

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Oct 7, 2002
Seattle, Washington
Bob Most of the oil tested were 10W, 15W and above Do you have any test result on recent automobile manufacturs recommendations, i.e. above subject? Have you tested 5W-30 and 5W-20 ? What is the MO numbers on above? Thank you for your help
You are only going to get this information through a virgin analysis with what oil you pick. Most of these oil companies are deaf to our needs concerning certain information given via telephone or email like asking how many parts per million of Moly is in one of their oils. I have seen posts in their defense but I don't buy the reasoning that the "secrets" is well guarded against the stealing of a formulation. If one merely wants to know the amount of moly or Zinc for instance so they can make a educated decision to use or not to use the oil they ought to up the info,or even the type of moly used should be answered imo because for 8 bucks a guy or gal can find the answer to this Moly in PPM question themselves through analysis. Thats what is great about so many offerings of different oils. Use a oil for twenty years then pickup the phone to ask a quick question about it and if they act like the CIA you can blow them off and use another oil,,like I did. Not even a small dent in their profits but a Victory for me. Oh yeah,my friends use what I use,so does my Family [Big Grin]
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