Hot Oil Rustproofing formula?

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Aug 21, 2013
Central Maryland
OK, this may be a wild goose chase, but...

Back in the 80's some friends up in New England got their cars "hot oiled" every Autumn. They were old cars in good shape, rust-wise, including some known rusters like 70's Datsun's. They would save a few more bucks by keeping their used oil for their mechanic to do it. This was a service most mechanics offered back then.

I asked if it all didn't just drip off, no, I was told, it gets sticky and stays put.

So, is there a formulation used to get it to stick? Or was this self-delusion, did it all just drip off eventually and add to the water polution?

Just found this:

Probably not what they were using, but anything more like this?
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Had a next door neighbor who did body work in Maine.He would mix 3 tubs of wheel bearing grease add a quart of oil put in old pan heat on Coleman stove. Then he would put in sprayer and spray the underside of car seemed to work all right.
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Bow about a gallon of fluid film and a hplv paint sprayer?

For the modern reality, spraying a gallon of sheep dip is probably the best bet.
Kellsport has a complete setup with sprayer for $100 or so for Fluid Film. I upgraded to the "pro" sprayer and got a couple of wand extensions. Pretty easy to do. I used up about a half gallon on my three vehicle fleet, so two years from now I'll have to spend $55 or so for another gallon. I get my FF in spray cans from McMaster-Carr, case of 12 for like $90. Makes it easy to do touchups during tire rotations.

I've heard of microwaving chainsaw bar&chain oil for this task.
i made some homemade waxoil. I used 30wt non detergent motor oil, diesel fuel, and parrafin wax. I have not used it yet but it came out good. I read not to use used oil because of the acids in the oil from combustion.
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Kellsport has a complete setup with sprayer for $100 or so for Fluid Film.

Thanks for the Kellsport tip! I bookmarked that, hope to buy and do it, either soon or next end of Summer.
I'd do it now. Why let rust have one more winter to do its thing?
whatever strange mix you use, don't forget that just spraying visible surfaces is just a quarter of the job. The rest is spraying inside boxes, frames etc.
And avoid hot parts, can take long to burn off and smells like, well, you know.
I did Krown last year & wasn't impressed. They didn't even drop the spare tire on my truck & get the frame behind it.

This year I got the big kit for Fluid Film from kellersport. One gallon for my truck, one for the wife's Tahoe. Hoping for the best!
Fluid Film too thick? Care to elaborate? I'm into my second year of using it, and bought a gallon of it this year, as I found the rattle cans too thin for my liking.
I did rattle cans of Fluid Film on two of our cars. I think I'll be buying a gallon of FF and an electric sprayer for the future. Some things I read on another forum seem to indicate that even cheap sprayers will often work for spraying FF.

It seems to me that many of the products recommended by people in America's Hat or the extreme north of the U.S. aren't available to us down in the lower edge of the rust belt.

There are really no places locally that do oil-based undercoating and not really any place locally for me to buy undercoatings that I've seen.

I'm left with what is reasonably priced online that I can apply myself in my garage. FF seems to be one of the better choices, in that regard.
Just got my 2005 Civic Krowned for the second time in the two years I have owned. My plan is every other year. It only has 60000 km on it and shoukd last me another ten years.
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