Hot August Nights - Fram

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Apr 7, 2005
Bay Area, CA
I was downtown last night going out to dinner and I found that they had the streets blocked off for one of their "Hot August Nights" street fairs. Had about 150 muscle cars and old hot rods, etc. So I walk around and check out the cars and, of course, I had to look at all the oil filters. Surprise! Out of the approximately 15 filters I saw, all were Fram and then there was one Purolator. Besides the cars, there was plenty of other eye candy. The combination of the warm evening and nice cars brought out an interesting crowd thet made for an interesting "fashion show." [Cheers!]
Yeah, I will be at one of those tonight with my dog. It is surprising how much you see when the girls in the low cut floppy tops bend over to pet the dog. I have heard Hooters is a good place to take the dogs.
You guys are twisted - girls bending over! Shame on you. That's someone's sister or mother or daughter. I am shocked that you fella's would use man's best friend for something as low down as looking down a girl's shirt. Now a girl with a bottle of oil - that's something different!
I had a friend in college and he would borrow dogs to take to the beach. Dog + Beach = Bikinis come to you.
Not open for further replies.