Hood Liner In My AC Blower - Can't Figure This One Out

Mar 17, 2011
2003 Suburban 1500 5.3L The other day, my AC Blower was making quite a loud noise and vibration. I removed the blower and cleaned out some leaves and debris. Seemed to work good and quiet for a day. Today, it made even more noise and more vibration. I removed the blower again and found part of my hood liner in it...The screens in the outer windshield intake vents are still in tact. How is it possible that the hood liner fabric could get into the blower? [Linked Image] [Linked Image] Also, what can I do to repair the hood liner fabric that remains? 3M Spray adhesive?
It does look like a rats nest, but I can't see any place big enough for even a mouse to get in, and even if that was the case, nesting in a squirrel cage of a moving fan, does not seem like a comfortable place to make a nest. Are there any intakes other than the screened vents at the base of the windshield where these materials and/or rodents could enter the AC duct system from the outside? There were some full leaves and a large piece of fabric in the fan, it seems there must be a bigger opening somewhere.
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Definitely a rat...Got a video of him. Rat In AC Ducts Now I gotta catch him. Any ideas?
Set some traps under the hood first and see if you can get him to come out.
spring Trap, peanut butter under hood water roller trap in garage. Loaned that trap to neighbor She must have caught about 20 Rod
You need to find out where it's getting into your blower and seal it up. Use metal rodent screen if it's a vent. Rodents can do a lot of damage if they start chewing the wires!
The blades of the blower wheel look like jail bars to them, they really want to chew through to find out what is on the other side. And they will.
Got 1 from the Suburban last night. [Linked Image] I found where it goes in and will seal with some metal mesh gutter guard. Now I need to catch the other one that is living in the fender of my Nissan. Their urine has a very offensive smell!