Honda pressure washer crankcase full of GAS!

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Mar 29, 2010
At work we have a seldom-used Honda-powered pressure washer. Since I compulsively check dipsticks (I KNOW I have a problem...) I checked this one. As soon as the dipstick was loose, a mix of gas and oil came flying out. I walked the unit over to the shop and drained it. About 3 quarts of basically black gas came out. I was curious to see how this would turn out, so I filled it up with HD30 (from a barrel that's been sitting in the corner for at least 8 years). I added some gas as the tank was empty. Much to my surprise, it started on the first full! I suppose the float stuck, sending gas into the cylinder over the last few months. I ran it for a while, cleaning the parking lot. I shut the gas off and ran the bowl dry; hopefully that will prevent problems down the road.
put a fuel switch on it. I have had at various times 2 tractors a snowblower and a lawnmower all do the same thing from family members not running it dry. 5$ later and an on off switch... no problems. I actually blew the exhaust off my grandma's tractor when I started it and it had a gallon of gas in the oil (also the exhaust bolt was missing) You couldnt see the gas on the dipstick because it was clear and on top of the oil line. Drained and filled with fresh oil.. did an overhaul on the tractor.. still runs good.. but she uses a lawn service now.
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It's got a fuel valve right under the choke, but apparently no one has ever used it. I can't help but wonder if others have used this thing with a bunch of gas in the oil! It was very well mixed.
could be.. in the one I mentioned it had drained out over 6monthes into the oil and was never started until after I checked it. in my lawnmower it was silty silver looking oil.. ugh
Yep, I've seen them either fill the crankcase, or empty out the entire fuel tank through the carb throat or exhaust. A potentially hazardous situation either way. Use that fuel shut-off valve. Joel
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Sounds like either the float has a hole in it or the needle valve is stuck.
Yep, usually it's debris in the carb bowl holding the float open. Sometimes they free themselves up on their own, other times need a cleaning or replacement. Joel
My 13HP Honda powered pressure washer does the same thing,,, if I forget to shut off the fuel valve. It's done it since new. I've cleaned the carb, inspected the needle and seat and so on. No joy. I guess I need to purchase a replacement needle. Probably got hard in storage.
Happened to my BMW R 65 when the petcock failed. (Ja, Herr Deiter NEVER makes a bad part or design.) Good thing I checked the dipstick. Drained out about 2 extra quarts of "stuff". Petcock gasket failed AND both Bing float valves hung up open. The floats are what cause the common problem we call "Bing Foot" - boots soaked with gas.
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