Honda Oil filter 15410-MFJ-D01 opened up.

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Dec 8, 2006
This is a Honda (Roki-US made) oil filter that fits a whole lot of Honda motorcycles. It has been assigned several different part numbers over the years, but this is the same filter that fits many Honda motorcycles for the last 25 years (since at least 1989, that I know of). They used to be made in Japan by Toyo Roki, but are now domestic. I'd prefer to see the pleats spaced out a little better, but other than that it looks fine to me, should do the job that it was designed to do. Lots of thick, thirsty looking media in there. Nice thick can, although I punctured one when the front tire kicked up some debris several years back... and the can is much thicker than an automotive filter. I pay around $10 each, which can range from a little less, to a whole lot more, depending on how greedy the dealer is... so these are in a "premium" price range. I'll use them at least until the Goldwing is out of warranty, and then make a decision going forward from that point. I've used the Hi-Flo Filtro filters in the past, could easily do it again.
Looks like a well designed filter. Similar to the Toyota Desnos made in Thailand with glued ends on each pleat.
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