Honda MTF II gear oil shearing ( observation)

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Dec 19, 2004
beaver land EH?
as a former GL4 guy (from Mazda and Mitsu M/T days) to now a Honda MTF guy, I realised that the water-thin Honda MTF gear oil does shear over time and in need of regular change in order to maintain that precise shifting.

In the case of my fit: I have to change out my Idemitsu based MTF II every approx. 4,5000miles or so in order to maintain that proper shifting feel.

Just performed a change (replaced with Acura bottled Idemitsu MTF II, 1.5L worth) on my fit MT gearbox this afternoon and the proper shifting feeling has been restored.

Yup, I change out my Honda MTF2 on my Honda S2000 once per year for that very reason. I think shift quality tends to deteriorate after 7,000-8,000 miles on our cars, I would never take it as long as the manufacturer recommends. It's cheap maintenance to do myself.

BTW, what is Idemitsu oil ?
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Since switching my previous and current Honda to Pennzoil Synchromesh I have no intention of turning back. I love the feel, and it works great even in the winter. Way better than the Honda fluid feels, and the shift quality remains for more than say the length of a typical OCI. I change about every 30K KM or around 20K miles.
I just today changed my 97 Civic's tranny over to Amsoil MTF. Initial impression is a somewhat smoother synchro engagement. Previous fills were all Honda MFT for 30k intervals. Its never felt TOTALLY smooth since I've owned it. My previous '12 Civic Si and '03 RSX were like butter on the Honda MTF.
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