Honda insight with Harbor freight predator engine


Jun 8, 2009
New England
First, apologies for short comment lacking in specifics.
YouTube has a channel called Free Documentary which has some videos from some small, developing countries in Asia where you will see some small engines powering large vehicles(usually leftover Soviet stuff) through the gearbox. Now these are not highway worthy vehicles, but they get the job done apparently. At first I couldn't understand what I was looking at. What I thought I was seeing was a large portable gasoline powered generator(minus the generator)mounted on a small platform on the front of some fifty year old Soviet military truck. How is this possible? I assume the driver can only use the low range gears. You have to see it to believe it. I'm still thinking someone will correct me on this.
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Jan 2, 2004
It's good to note that such engines have very poor BSFC numbers. In fact, they are horrible.
Small engines are crude but only need to do one job. From what I’ve heard, Harley did poach a few Briggs & Stratton engineers way back in their formation years. No wonder why a Briggs engine almost sounds Harley-like.

The REX engine in a BMW i3 isn’t really a in-house design. It’s from Kymco in Taiwan who BMW owns a stake in.

there has been a movement to modernize small engines with EFI and tighter ignition controls. Honda’s doing it with their iGX series. Walbro was working on a small-scale EFI or feedback carb for small engines.
May 6, 2005
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From a Dodge Aries?

I think we had one of those (might have been a Plymouth equivalent?) at my high school's driver training class. It was easy to get into driver ed classes, but the driver training classes had a long waiting list because there was only one teacher and one car. My parents paid for a commercial driver training class. Driver ed and a 6 hour driver training class were requirements for anyone in California under 18 to get a provisional (under 18) driver license.