Honda HRX 217 HZA Transmission (Hydrostatic) Fluid Capacity

Oct 20, 2005
Scruffy City
Well after many years I need to change the drive pinions and bushings. Going to have the (Mostly) whole thing apart and might as well change the fluid as well.

How much? (my FSM is in storage)

Also, those that have had these apart, did Honda omit the dust cover retaining bolts at some point? The factory part look up shows them but no corresponding part in the part list. Mine does not have any and appears never to have had them, I have had it apart in the past, but it would be quite unlike me to leave these out...
Thanks, so the answer to one of the Q&A there says one bottle will fill the unit with a little left over.

Can anyone confirm, and that it will fill the unit after pumping out the excess (not just a spill and fill)...
I have done 4 of these and a few more HRM215's and yes one bottle will ABSOLUTLY fill it no question.

I will add my thoughts though. I'd recommend buying 2 bottles. With your electric drill and proper socket, and with the fill cover removed, you will want too dump all the grey fluid out, and waste one new bottle on just spill and filling while using the drill and motion lever to disturb the fluid and stir up all the metal flake and sludge. Then use the extra bottle to actually fill it.

My scientific method is to fill it the night before so it is "overfull" and when you finger tighten the fill cover on, fluid should spill out. Then the next morning you will find it will take a tad more fluid, at which point you can torque down the cover. Make sure you are spinning the input shaft and activating the motion lever my hand so every bit of air makes it to the top, just spilling and filling will NOT work.
Well, that was kind of a pain I. The rear.

I grabbed the FSM and followed it which involved completely removing the trans.

it was filthy…