Honda FF 0W-20, 6,350 oil miles, 6,350 veh miles

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My brand new Honda Civic EX-L. 40 mi each way to work, mostly highway miles. Average 1 hour each way to work. South Texas so higher than average temperatures. Factory Honda fill 0W-20, 6,350 oil miles, 6,350 vehicle miles. I changed it at 40%. Even though there was a good amount of TBN left I'm glad I did because of the other levels. I changed it and put in Mobil 1 Extended Performance 0W-20 with a Mobil 1 oil filter. (Auto Zone had a sale, $45 for 5 qts and the filter) I will run the Mobil 1 until the OLM is 20%, and do another UOA with TBN. If the results of that look good, then I'll stick with this combo and 20% OLM.
MAKE/MODEL:            Honda 1.8L (R18) 4-cyl
FUEL TYPE:             Gasoline (Unleaded)
OIL TYPE & GRADE:      Honda 0W-20
OIL USE INTERVAL:                    6,530

MI/HR onOil                          6,530
MI/HR onUnit                         6,530
Sample Date                     10/14/2014   UNIVERSAL
Make Up Oil Added      0qts                  AVERAGES

ALUMINUM                                16            9
CHROMIUM                                 1            0
IRON                                    15            8
COPPER                                   8            2
LEAD                                     0            0
TIN                                      0            1
MOLYBDENUM                             673           72
NICKEL                                   0            0
MANGANESE                                3            0
SILVER                                   0            0
TIANIUM                                  0            2       
POTASIUM                                 0           13     
BORON                                  154           43     
SILCON                                 143           16     
SODIUM                                   8           43     
CALCIUM                               1826         2089       
MAGNESIUM                               13          184
PHOSPHORUS                             654          669
ZINC                                   785          775
BARIUM                                   3            0

                                          VALUES SHOULD BE
SUS Viscosity @210°F                  51.0  46-59
cSt Viscosity @10°C                    7.66.0-10.2
Flashpoint in °F                     385.0   >385
Fuel %                                 TR    <2.0
Antifreeze %                           0.0       0
Water %                                0.0   <0.1
Insolubles %                           0.3   <0.6
TBN                                    4.2   >1.0
ISO Code
There is some extra metal here compared to universal averages, but that's just from new parts wearing in and is perfectly normal for factory oil. Silicon is from harmless factory sealers washing out and that's normal too. Universal averages show typical wear levels for this type of engine after about 6,800 miles on the oil. There's a trace of fuel here, but that's probably just from normal use and isn't anything to worry about. The TBN is 4.2, showing plenty of active additive left. Check back at around 20% on the OLM.
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That car should last many, many miles and a good start. Enjoy
With a 4.2 TBN, you could esily do 10,000 if your warranty allows it. If not, do the maximum your warranty allows
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Changing the oil before a Honda IOLM monitor hits 15&#8453; means you will not get the secondary maintance codes. But you wont get any inportent IOLM secondary maintance codes for a while. On my second oil change I got "1B". The only things different by that code were to change the oil filter, which I do anyway at every oil change. And to rotate the tires which I already did on my own. You may wand to wait until the IOLM hits 15% as your Honda gets older. My 2013 Accord should hit 15% soon for the third oil change and will post the UOA after that.
Would this report now silence all the critics who wants to change the FF oil at 500 miles? Cheap insurance and all that!
I'm not for draining FF early, but I think the low wear metals in this sample might be due to the fact the engine isn't being broken in properly. Highway miles aren't going to allow proper break-in, and consequently the low metals we see here. Apologies to the OP, but it should serve as caution to everyone with a new engine to avoid highway miles early on.
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