Honda EU2000i Propane Conversion

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Jun 17, 2002
High Springs, Florida
I converted my Honda generator to use propane fuel instead of gasoline this past week. Why? During the hurricanes last year, it was a real pain and downright dangerous to fuel a hot generator, late at night in 40++ MPH winds. The little generator only holds 1 gallon of gasoline, but can run up to 9 hours on it.


I bought a kit from Here

The Garretson regulator is like a SCUBA regulator, it only allows what the engine demands, throught the vacuum in the throttle venturi.
427Z06, the tank in the picture is a 20# tank, which I estimate will run the generator for 35-40 hours. I also have a new 40# tank which I believe is around 9.5 gallons of liquid.

During the hurricanes, I had this hooked up to the house circuits that powered the fridge, kitchen and bathroom lights, and TV/DirecTV. I got 7-9 hours on a gallon of gasoline, with the generator on the Eco-Throttle mode.

I think the kit was $99, plus the cost of the tank regulator and 6' hose.
Thanks for the info Pick. I have one of those EU2000i as part of my natural-disaster/terrorist-attack/grid-craps-out survival package. I may have to get one of those kits.
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