Honda Eu2000I Extended Run System

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Jan 15, 2014
Anyone using the BERG (IPI Industries) system on their EU2000i? These are the 'red cap' tops. I originally was going to use the silver finish machined caps that you see online, but i worry about crossthreading. I'm told the BERG cap, which is also machined is a much better fit maybe less risk of cross-threading. Also, does anyone know if it matters what size of fuel line is used with the extended tank set-up. Is there any reason why 3/8" fuel line would be to big/wide for the vaccum draw from the eu2000 pump? Should I use a smaller diameter line? Any other tips/suggestions in putting together this kit? Thanks.
The setup I got came with "the upper red cap", fuel line, all fittings and tank. Just had to thread everything together. The cap fits perfectly... It's called "breeze extended run generator system".
i picked up a silver cap on amazon 4 years ago and used either 1/4 or 3/8 line... i think it was 1/4. ran fine. I never had fuel pick-up problems.
I don't think I've seen anybody using the 3/8 inch fuel line for such a setup. Most use 1/4 inch. Not sure it makes any difference, other than the bulk of a larger line.
I made a system using a new Honda fuel cap, 3/8" line, inline filter, and marine 6-gal tank. I initially had trouble getting a perfect airtight seal using Wal-Mart marine OMC outboard motor fittings and the gen's onboard tank ran dry. Switched to Attwood's universal sprayless quick-connect and no further problem. At my power loads during the last outage, I just dumped a 5-gal can into the boat tank every other day. Changed the oil each time for good measure as it was running continuously and Mr. Coffee really made the thing labor.
eu2000 is a great machine. it's a beast of small gensets. I ran ours nonstop for ~4 days during our longest outage. fuel burn was very low. never missed a beat, and there was no measurable oil consumption.
Our gas consumption worked out to approximately: 1 gal / 6 hrs during daytime use 1 gal / 8 hrs during nighttime use Daytime use puts more load on it with lights, TV, a coffee pot run, etc. Nighttime is just the baseline of two fridges, heat, FIOS multiplexor, wireless hub. The only need that pushed us up to an EU3000is was the microwave oven.
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