Honda Civic Type R K20C1 - Honda Engine Type 2.0 0W20 - 5312 Kilometer ( racetrack )

Aug 6, 2021
Hello everyone. Attached is another analysis of our Honda Civic Type R, which is operated exclusively on the Nordschleife. No performance increase or modification except for a Wagner intercooler. Use only on the motorway (about 200 kilometres) and on the Nordschleife itself.


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One more proof that it does not depend solely on viscosity. I will post the analysis of our yaris gr later this week. He has already lowered 75000 kilometres, drives chipped and also with 0W20.
Nice report. Thanks for sharing.
Bummer we don't get Yaris GR here in US. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
Unless I missed it is this the OE Honda oil?
Yes this is the original Honda oem Engine oil Type 2.0 for Civic Type r in Europe. It can also be used in all Engine Which prefer 0W20.

The yaris gr is a very funny car. I would show you any analysis in the future.